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Yolickity Frozen Yogurt Bar Fundraising

Mark your calendar for an entire week of fun! Join us at the Yolickity fundraising event from Monday, June 3rd to Sunday, June 9th, at Henrietta location. Come enjoy delicious treats, share some laughs, and support a fantastic cause!

Transcript: "So hot! Oh, hello everyone! I'm Lindsay Olson [sign name]. I’m a Public Relations Coordinator of Rochester Deaf Festival. Guess what? We will have a fundraising which is...? Yolickity! When? June 3rd to 9th. True biz, a whole week! Very nice. Where? 1000 Hylan Drive. Time? We have two options: Sunday to Thursday from 12 to 9:30 pm. Friday and Saturday from 12 to 10 pm. When you arrive here, please show the flier and inform the cashier this code, “rocdeaffest.” Please inform your family and friends to come, gather, and eat on hot days so grab your opportunity! Thank you for your consideration in supporting the Rochester Deaf Festival. See you then!"

Video description:
- a young woman with brown hair in purple cardigan and denim overalls signing
- a tan building behind the woman with a big colorful that says "Yolickity"
- behind the woman, several different photos of ice cream, yogurt, gelato, sorbet, and milkshakes on the building

Volunteer Sign-up Table

Another exciting news: there will be a volunteer sign-up table during the Yolickity fundraising event for those interested in becoming volunteers for the Deaf Rochester Festival! We will be seeing you there!


"Hello! This is Time, Volunteer Coordinator for the Rochester Deaf Festival. During the Rochester Deaf Festival's fundraising event, there will be a table where you can stop by and see if you are interested in becoming a volunteer. Working as a volunteer: assist with setting up chairs, tables, etc., assist with cleaning and picking up, hospitality, registration, parking, and ASL/Voice Interpreting - I will refer you (if you area interested) to Emily. She's an interpreting coordinator so that we can work together. I am going to get my ice cream."

Video description:

- a man with beard and mustache in a white t-shirt signing
- several different photos of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and milkshakes on the walls behind the man
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