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Registration & Raffle Ticket

Updated: 6 days ago

Here's what you need to know about registration and raffle tickets before attending the Rochester Deaf Festival! We’re thrilled to announce there are only 8 days left!

Very important: Who can participate in the raffle ticket drawing? According to the raffle rules, individuals who are 18 years of age or older are eligible to participate. When you register, you will get a free raffle ticket. No purchase is necessary. There is only one limited ticket per registration.

[UPDATE] The link to register in the form:

[Faith] Where are you? You are taking forever! 
[Arlene] Hello! How are you? 
[Faith] I’m good! How are you doing? 
[Arlene] Good. What’s up?
[Faith] Oh, I was bored and stayed at home. I wanted to go out and walked around. 
[Arlene] Oh, ok. We have Rochester Deaf Festival over there!
[Faith] Oh! That’s what I saw a pack of people over there. I was curious to check it out. 
[Arlene] It’s fun! They have different children activities, vendors, and food trucks! They have ice cream!
[Faith] I’m down for that!
[Arlene] Let’s go!
[Michelle] Hello! Did you already register?
[Faith] Not yet. 
[Arlene] Yes!
[Tim] Let me see. 
[Michelle] Now you need to register through this QR code. 
[Faith] Oh ok. Should I fill the form? 
[Michelle] Yes, please. 
[Faith] I’m done. 
[Michelle] Okay now. [points to Tim]
[Tim] Do you know that we have a raffle ticket? When I give you a ticket, wait until the announcement selects the winners. We have five different $100 gift cards. Most importantly to put your names and email address. Please print clearly. 
[Michelle] Be careful not to lose the ticket. 
[Tim] Good luck! 
[Arlene] Thank you! 
[Tim] Have fun! Goodbye!
[Arlene & Faith] Hello! Hi! Cool! Gift cards!
[Tim] Five gift cards! But only can pick one!
[Arlene] Hard decision! 
[Faith] I already decided! 
[Arlene] You already decided?
[Tim] Go ahead and pick one!
[Arlene] Thank you! 
[Tim] You’re welcome!
[Tim] If you want a $100 gift card…Please go to the registration to get ticket first! Please hold the ticket until we announce at 3:30 PM. Where? Roundhouse Shelter.
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