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2024 Introduction Team

Updated: Jun 10

We have a special announcement! We’re thrilled to introduce the new Deaf Rochester Festival team for June 2024!
Mark your calendars and save the date: June 15th, 2024! You won’t want to miss it!

[Arlene] Hi! Rochester Deaf Festival. I’m a President, Arlene Sankey.
[Michelle] Hi! I’m Michelle (signs). I’m a Vendor Coordinator.
[Emily Grace] Hi! I’m Emily Grace and I’m a Secretary. See you there!
[Faith] Hello. I’m Faith (signs). I’m a Children Activities Coordinator.
[Emily] Hello. I’m Emily. I’m a Food Trucks & Interpreting Coordinator.
[Lindsay] Hi. I’m Lindsay (signs). I’m a Public Relations Coordinator.
[Philip] Hi. I’m Philip Pham (signs). I’m a Social Media Coordinator.
[Tim] Hello. I’m Tim Albert (signs). My role is a Volunteer Coordinator.
[Brian] My name is Brian. I’m a Logistics Coordinator.
[Arlene] Most importantly, don’t forget to save the date on your calendar, June 15th, 2024!

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