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Parking and Directions


The Rochester Deaf Festival is held at Roundhouse Shelter in the Genesee Valley Park, Rochester NY.


Ample parking is available on-site. Look for the designated parking areas marked with festival signs. Parking attendants will be available to guide you to open spots.


You will see the Rochester Deaf Festival flags and the direction signs on the street. Also, we will give you a guide paper where to park. There are only two entrances, North and South. The North from the Elmwood Ave and the South from the East River Rd. Also, there are many exits of I-390 to the park. 

Lot 1: Moore Road (Side Parking near the Roundhouse Shelter)

This side parking is for everyone.

Lot 2: Roundhouse Shelter Parking Lot (Only for Handicapped and Accommodations)
This lot is right across from the Roundhouse Shelter. The entrance is from Moore Road with a yellow gate.

Lot 3: Zone 3 South Parking Lot (Plenty of Parking)

Enter via Wilson Blvd, then take a right onto Trustee Rd, followed by another right onto Intercampus Dr. Continue to the end until you reach Zone 3 South. You will have a ride with a golf cart to the drop-off area.

Lot 4: River Bend Shelter Parking Lot (Only for Vendors)

Use the same entrance as the Roundhouse Shelter Parking Lot, but at the loop, take a right to the River Bend Shelter Parking Lot with a yellow gate.


Do not park on the bridge from Moore Road! We will have orange cones to block the side parking on the bridge.

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